Nubis eCommerce Bridge – Eliminate the manual efforts of synchronizing your Web Store with your ERP or Accounting system.

Webstore is the most important component in achieving success and strong growth in Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) e-commerce environments. Nubis powers your ecommerce cart integrating to accounting systems.

Customer and sales order information is automatically entered into the back-office financial system from the storefront. In turn, product information and order status updates are automatically entered to provide customers with essential and up-to-date information.

  • Product/inventory information from accounting application to your shopping cart
  • Orders from your cart to accounting application
  • Order Status information, such as ship date and tracking number, sent to your shopping cart
  • Customer information exchanged bilaterally with optional new customer creation
  • Potential link to couriers (i.e. UPS Worldship)
  • Our eCommerce Bridge has standard adapters for: Sage MAS90/200, Sage CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM and many others. .

With Nubis eCommerce Integration:

  • Grow Revenue – Reach new customers and better serve existing ones with a multi-channel platform.
  • Connect Online and Offline Operations – Connect orders, customers and inventory across operations.
  • Streamline Processes for Improved Efficiency – Create a centralized system for order fulfillment and product management.
  • Expedite ROI – Utilize turnkey integration solutions and professional services to reduce deployment time
  • ECommerce – Thru our partnership with carefully selected partners we offer a turnkey solution to running B2B or B2C web stores, online Catalogs and Content Management solutions.

Nubis solution is:

  • User-Initiated - movement of data is initiated and dependent on the user
  • Schedule-Based - data is automatically moved at regular times according to a user-set schedule
  • Real-Time – data is immediately transferred via our bridge solution to Web Services

Dramatically improve speed:

  • Competetive advantage by reducing business cycle times.
  • Data it is immediately ready for use with other internal applications such as your Customer Management System (CRM) or financial package as soon as it’s received

Integration with CRM, ERP and Accounting Solution

Your website should be an extension of your entire company from both sales and marketing to operations and customer support. There are many advantages of having your website completely integrated with your CRM, ERP and Accounting solution. Imagine not having the hassle of juggling multiple systems, re-keying information, manually importing and exporting data between separate applications and toggling between systems just to figure out what’s going on. Automate your business processes by tying together CRM, ERP and online operations.

CRM Integration Examples:

  • Automatically create lead records in your CRM solution directly from your online lead forms. Integrate with pay-per-click tracking and tie directly back to specific marketing campaigns for ROI analysis.
  • Provide online quoting capabilities that auto create quotes within your CRM / ERP application.
  • Allow customers to create support cases online that are immediately available within your case management solution.

ERP / Accounting Integration Examples:

  • Your web-store (ecommerce) site is completely tied to the back office in real-time, including inventory management, customer management,
  • auto sales order creation and integrated payment processing.
  • Allow customers to login to their own self service portals. View order status, make payments and submit support cases.
  • Completely integrated full featured accounting and banking capabilities.