Dispelling the "Mac: No Malware" Myth

Macs are famous for a lot of things some true, some false. Unfortunately, being virus or malware-proof is one of the myths about the Mac that you need to be aware of. Just because many of the malware and viruses out there are targeted toward the Windows OS, Macs are not impervious to attack as well.

And the operative word is “targeted”. Security firms and experts are learning that since people tend to be more complacent security-wise when using a Mac, they make for pretty ripe pickings for unscrupulous online scammers, fraudsters, and thieves. Not only are more security flaws being discovered on the Mac OS and programs, but also more viruses are being created that specifically target those vulnerabilities.

Of course, the scale of the threat can be debated but while it is true that more viruses and malware are designed for Windows, it’s also true that some of these viruses can be applicable to Macs as well, in addition to those specifically designed to attack the Mac OS platforms.

If you aren’t convinced, then this video might just turn you into a believer. Here, a Mac anti-virus program catches a would-be Trojan. And that’s just one of the many hundreds of thousands of Mac viruses and malware out there.

Is it sound business practice to take risks with your system security? Whether you use Windows or Mac, you need malware protection because too often all it takes is a single incident to bring your whole system on its knees. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your options with you and offer a tailor-made security solution that is guaranteed to keep you safe, regardless of which OS you’re using.

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