Thin Client

Thin Client Computing from Nubis includes solutions tailored for flexible and dedicated client requirements. Thin Computing delivers the productivity people need, at a lower cost than traditional methods, all without compromising security or manageability. Thin Computing replaces the PC with a thin client or zero client, making it easier for IT to manage user desktops by moving their complexity to the cloud, or a datacenter using desktop virtualization.

Analysts agree that this approach improves the reliability and security of information, dramatically lowers IT costs, reduces energy consumption, and is far better for the environment.

Thin Computing still provides the access to applications and data you need in order to move your businesses forward – all while improving on the security, reliability, and availability of PCs.

Thin Client computing solutions from Nubis will allow your business to:

  • Control software, applications and files centrally
  • Save up to 80% on maintenance costs
  • Deploy out-of-the-box in under 10 minutes
  • Manage remotely with simple problem diagnosis
  • Reduce hardware theft

People often make the mistake of thinking that Thin Computing is just another name for thin-client computing. Actually, Thin Computing includes hardware services and software that work with thin clients, zero clients, and PCs, as well as wireless devices and other systems. It gives everybody in the organization secure access to the information and the applications they need, without requiring the desktop systems to store them.

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