Thin Client VS. Traditional PC

The estimated total cost of ownership (TCO) per workstation over an average life of 3 years is $1,925 for a traditional PC and only $608 for a Thin-Client Terminal (TCT). While PCs would typically have to be replaced every 3 years to be able to run current software at a reasonable speed, a thin-client terminal can last much longer, 5-6 years, since it relies primarily on the server.

The TCO savings of a TCT is further compelling by its impact when considering upgrading existing or implementing new software. For example the cost for IT services to upgrade Microsoft Office is an estimated $625 for 10 x PCs and only $187 for 10 x TCTs. In fact while the cost for 20 workstations would be $1250 for 20 x PCs and still only $187 for 20 x TCTs, since no configuration is typically necessary for each TCT workstation.

Then client benefits

Cost Reduction Benefits

  • Apply patches and updates only once for all TCTs vs. individually for each PC
  • New TCT workstations are instantly ready for use as delivered from factory and do not require IT services to be up and running
  • Lower Hardware Cost
    • thin Client Terminal cost approximately $250 + $100 for a monitor
    • Traditional PCs cost an average of $500-$800
  • TCTs are based on Solid State technology which has many benefits:
    • No moving parts that tend to breakdown over time such as Hard drives and Fans.
    • Resilient to dust, debris and able to operate in temperatures ranging from 50 to 104 F.
    • Very low power usage with just 6.6 watts* of power and creates very little heat.
    • A tiny footprint at 1.38” x 6.94” x 4.75” allowing them to be mounted on the back monitors.
  • Lower cost of upgrading existing software or adding new software. Since each TCT doesn’t need to be configured individually, for example:
    • Service cost for upgrading to new version of MS Office for 10 workstations:
      • $625 for PCs – estimated 10hrs. = ½ hr. for each PC @ $125/hr.
      • $187 for TCTs- estimated 1.5hrs. flat, regardless of total # of workstations.

Other benefits
An infrastructure configured for TCTs is based on Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS). RDS provides additional benefits regardless of the type of device used to access it. The following are only a few of the benefits for both PC and TCT workstations:

  • Applications run faster for both local and remote users.
  • A user can login from any workstation to access their desktop.
  • Authorized users can access their desktop from anywhere on the Internet.
  • All user data is protect data on the server and less susceptible to hardware failure.
  • Reduced downtime due to workstation hardware failure. A user can resume work on any workstation
    • With a low cost of $250 per terminal, having spare units on hand is affordable.
  • A More consistent environment can be maintained with RDS using its built in features and without any additional software:
    • The level of personalization allowed for each users can adjusted to the extent deemed appropriate by management.

Cost estimate details

Traditional PC workstation
$1,925 – Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over 3 years

  • $800 – Hardware
  • $375 – Initial Configuration
  • $750 – Maintenance Services
    • Estimated at an average of 2 hrs. per Year
    • This is best case scenario for only applying patches & updates to the PC.
    • Recovery from Hardware failures would require additional services and/or hardware

Thin client workstation
$608 – Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over 3 years

  • $350 – Hardware ($250 Device + $100 Monitor)
  • $118 – Microsoft License for accessing RDS (3 years @ $36/device/yr)
  • $ 75 – Initial Configuration
    • his is task is simple and a non-technical person can be easily trained to perform it
  • $ 75 – Maintenance Services
    • There is no maintenance anticipated on a regular basis.
    • Once every 2-3 years a firmware update may be available. This task can be configured to be performed automatically.
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