Nubis Signature Products

Nubis Bridge Series Nubis CRM Bridge™ – A real-time automated 2-way interface between CRM and ERP or Accounting system. We can create custom adapters for most CRM and ERP systems. Currently we offer the following standard adapters for: Sage CRM to MAS90/200, Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM to MAS90/200.

Nubis eCommerce Bridge™ – Eliminate the manual efforts of synchronizing your Web Store with your ERP or Accounting system. Our eCommerce Bridge has standard adapters for: Sage MAS90/200, Sage CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM.

Nubis Open Bridge™ - Our proven integration framework can be used to connect most line-of-business system with each other to most off-the-shelf applications such as: Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, Sage MAS 90/200, Sage CRM. We can typically provide a custom bridge at ½ the cost of one developed from scratch. Our custom bridges all benefit from over 10 years of development and provides a solid foundation resulting in fast, robust and reliable integrations.

Nubis Portal™ - Provides instant Web based access to your information via the internet for: Customers, Vendors and field employees.

eCommerce - Thru our partnership with carefully selected partners we offer a turnkey solution to running B2B or B2C web stores, online Catalogs and Content Management solutions.